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    Car Tires Maintenance

    Maintaining every part of your car, including your car tires, very is important.

    Tires are the ones that separate your car and the road. Without them, your car might start, but you definitely won’t be able to drive it out. Well-maintained auto tires could ensure that you would have an accident free ride every single time.

    How Often to Replace Tires

    If you’re planning on buying new car tires or you’ve recently purchased a set of new ones, you probably want to know how long these tires would last. The National Traffic Safety Administration recommends that car tires be replaced every 5 years regardless of the number of miles that it ran.

    However, this is just a general guideline but depending on the terrain on which you drive, you may have to change them earlier or much later.

    Signs to Know When to Replace Tires

    1. Tires are bald.

    This is the most common indicator. If this happens, have your car tires replaced immediately because bald tires do not have enough friction needed in stopping and turning.

    2. Tires have cracks.

    Damaged types are unsafe for driving. Tires like these could explode any minute which could cause an accident to happen.

    3. Tires are constantly shaking.

    While shaking is normal, it should not be consistent and it should stop at some point especially if you are driving at a well-paved road. If it doesn’t, there may be a problem with your tire’s interior.

    4. Tires have passed the treadwear warranty.

    Most tires come with tread wear warranty which guarantees that they would last a certain number of miles or year. If it has passed that, then you might need to bring them to an auto shop for a replacement.

    5. Cords are showing.

    If this happens, it means you need to change your tires. Do not try to drive your car anymore because it would be unsafe and dangerous.

    6. Aging.

    Know when your tire’s lifespan is up. It is very important to have them checked every once in a while despite a lack of visible damage. Always keep 5 years in mind. Never exceed 10 years after their manufacturing date even if they still able to be usable. This applies to spare care tires as well.

    These are just some of the signs that your car tires need replacement. Aside from tire replacement, there are also other services needed to maintain your car tires and to keep them in tip-top shape; the most basic of which is to keep inflating it with the right amount of air pressure. From time to time, your car tires also need to be rotated and aligned.

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