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    What Is A Car Suspension

    A car suspension system consists of tires, springs, shock absorbers and linkages which connect the vehicle to its wheels.

    The job of a car suspension is to provide the maximum friction possible between the tires and the road surface. A good auto suspension system allows a car to go over bumps smoothly, turn safely and properly, and maintain its balance in difficult maneuvers.

    How Often Should You Have a Car Suspension Service?

    Given that your car’s suspension system is made of different and complex parts, there is no clear recommended schedule on when you should pay your mechanic a visit. Instead here are some of the signs to look out for to know if your vehicle needs a car suspension service.

    Excessive Bouncing

    Car rides are supposed to be smooth and comfortable. If your car rides suddenly become bumpy and uncomfortable, this might be an indicator that there is something wrong with your suspension system. Your shock absorbers might need replacing. We strongly suggest that you bring your car in for our car suspension repair in Spring, Texas before the problem gets worse and it costs you more money.

    Drifting or Pulling To One Side

    When your car drifts to one side while driving on a straight road, this could indicate several problems in your car suspension. Your tires might be underinflated. It could also mean that your tires need to be rotated or aligned. Whatever the case may be, it is always better to immediately bring your car in for a suspension service before the problem gets worse.

    Strange Noises

    Hearing strange noises is a bad sign for every car owner. It could signal a number of problems which include your car suspension. One of the tasks of the suspension system is to absorb shocks from bumps. When it can no longer do this properly, strange and unnecessary noises will be present themselves.

    Car Sits Low or Nosedives

    If you notice that one side of your car is too low compared to the others, this is a positive sign that your car’s spring might be damaged or broken. Further, your shocks in the transfer of weight in the vehicle. If your shock absorbers are worn out, this will cause your car to nosedive more than it should.

    Drive to the Northside Motors Today

    If you experience any of the above-mentioned signs, bring your car to Northside Motors for an auto suspension repair. Our auto suspension shop in Spring, Texas has some of the best mechanics in the state. We use the latest industry equipment and tools to deliver high-quality services!

    Here are just some of the services we provide for your car suspension needs:

    • Suspension system inspection

    • Tire inflation
    • Tire alignment
    • Tire rotation
    • Ball Joint Replacement

    • Coil Spring Replacement

    • Shock Absorber Replacement

    • Strut Replacement

    Our service starts with a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s suspension system to determine any parts that are worn or damaged. As part of our holistic approach to car care, we will also check your steering system and tires. Should there be problems in your car’s struts, shocks, bushings, or other suspension parts need replacing, our team will go over the details with you and offer parts and installation at competitive rates.

    With Northside Motors, you can rest easy knowing that your car is in good hands!

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