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    Importance of Oil Change

    Engines are made up of many moving parts, and they all need to be well lubricated to prevent damage.

    Oil in the engine provides this important function. Unfortunately, after some time, that oil breaks down and becomes dirty due to dust and debris from the engine and the environment.

    Reasons for Oil Change

    Proactively doing an oil change can help the engine continue to work at its best and avoid costly repairs. Some of the most important reasons why an oil change service is needed include the following:

    Keeps Engine Lubrication

    Imagine the pistons, valves, and other engine parts moving at high speeds under the hood of your vehicle. These create heat and will wear down the engine badly without lubrication.

    Cools Engine Components

    Moving parts that lack lubrication will create friction, which in turn produces heat. Maintaining clean and sufficient amounts of oil is the best solution to prevent excessive friction and overheating.

    Cleans Dirt and Sludge

    Dirt particles are damaging to engines. Over time, these can corrode your engine and decrease the life of your vehicle. Also, oil eventually breaks down and becomes “sludge.” A routine oil change service can help keep your engine clean and in good condition.

    Improves Gas Efficiency

    Poor engine lubrication can increase your fuel consumption, so be sure you have enough clean oil. With routine oil change service, you can save 1-2% of your gas mileage. This can save you an entire gallon for a year, not to mention extending the life of your vehicle.

    Promotes Car Longevity

    Plain, simple, and routine maintenance can make your vehicle last longer. Buildup from oil and dirt can make your engine work harder. This may cause problems down the road and shorten your car’s life span.

    How Often Does Your Car Need An Oil Change?

    The need for an oil change will depend on the make and model. In most cases, it is between every 3,000 to 10,000 miles. You may also experience some of these warning signs:

    • Check engine or oil change light

    • Noise and knocking on the engine

    • Dark, dirty oil

    • Oil smell inside the vehicle

    • Exhaust smoke

    • Excessive mileage

    Why Choose Us?

    Performing an oil change personally can be a hassle, but it’s a task that needs to be done. Searching for a cheap oil change in your area can help save you money and guarantee that it is done by a knowledgeable and experienced mechanic. Let our ASE-certified team take care of your car in Spring, Texas.

    Different car brands have specific weight and grade of oil requirement. We make sure we follow these guidelines and keep the recommended fill volume. How long does an oil change take? It depends! But you have probably heard about a 5-minute oil change? Changing the oil in your car will just be quick and easy when performed at a modern automotive service shop like Northside Motors!

    Before we do an oil change, we will discuss with you’re the products that we have. The oil and filers that we use are incredibly reliable yet affordable. While we like to have the business, we understand that others are working on a fixed budget. So, if you are in Texas area, key in “cheap oil change near me” or “quick oil change near me” in Google and look for Northside Motors!

    Give us a call to schedule your oil change appointment or feel free to visit us at your most convenient time!

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