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    What Are Fuel Injectors?

    Fuel injectors are the ones that control the volume of fuel that reaches your engine.

    Its main job is to spray the right amount of fuel to the engine at the right time. These are used to help cars run with greater fuel efficiency and lesser emissions.

    Signs That You Need A Fuel Injector Cleaning

    Since fuel injectors are part of your engine system, it is very important that they are regularly maintained. They can easily be clogged which can lead to a lot of problems in your car’s performance. Below are some indicators that may signal your need for a fuel injector cleaning service.

    Trouble Starting Your Car

    One of the main effects of a clogged fuel injector is having trouble starting your car. Your engine needs the right amount of fuel injected into it to start. A clogged fuel injector releases incorrect amounts of fuel, or no fuel at all, making it hard for your car to start. Listen to your car. If you hear sounds of sputtering or misfiring, your injector may be clogged.

    Lower Fuel Efficiency

    Fuel injectors ensure that only the right amount of fuel reaches the engine, making your car’s fuel efficiency better. If you suddenly notice that your car consumes more fuel than it previously does, this is a sign of a clogged fuel injector. As your injector becomes more problematic, you may experience fuel leaks. Your injector may also be sending too much fuel to your engine than necessary, wasting fuel in the process.

    Trouble Accelerating

    Your fuel injector releases the amount of fuel into your engine depending on what your car is doing. Your car may not properly speed up or slow down if you have a clogged injector. A delayed acceleration might mean that your fuel injector pumps to little fuel into your engine.

    Difficulty Idling

    This is another sign that your car needs injector cleaning. When your car is idle, the injector sends a consistent amount of fuel to your engine to keep it at bay. If you notice that your engine is running roughly or violently while idling, then there might be a problem with your fuel injectors. It might be sending to much fuel to your engine, causing it to run roughly.

    Why Choose Us?

    While there are a lot of cheap fuel injector cleaners that you can buy and use yourself, nothing beats the expertise of our mechanics at Northside Motors. They have ASE certification and use only the best automotive diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and fix your car’s problems fast and hassle-free!

    With combined years of experience, our team can test, clean, and repair any fuel injector and restore your car to full working order! Our test procedures for injector cleaning service in Spring, Texas systemically examine the injector for leaks and study the spray pattern and flow rates during simulated engine conditions.

    These are documented before disassembling, cleaning with an aqueous alkaline solution, and repair. We then re-test and compare the documented results! We also do static and dynamic flow rate tests to make sure that your fuel injector will be back to peak performance!

    Does fuel injector cleaner work? Yes, but while they are able and effective in stopping new blockages from forming, fuel injector cleaners might not be strong enough to remove heavy deposits. It is still best to visit a trusted auto repair shop for injector cleaning services.

    Ensure that your fuel injectors are in tip-top shape by working only with the best fuel injector cleaning service in Spring, Texas! At Northside Motors, you’ll get a fuel injector cleaning cost that is reasonable with the best quality of service.

    Think your car might have a problem with its fuel injectors? Call us today for a free quote for our injector cleaning service in Spring, Texas!

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