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    What Does Check Engine Light Mean?

    It is usually a troublesome sight for a driver to see the car engine light illuminate the dashboard.

    Don’t panic if you see this orange engine shaped icon turn on. But, don’t ignore it as well because this could lead to damaging your engine’s parts.

    How It Works

    The check engine light, sometimes known as the malfunction indicator lamp, is part of your car’s diagnostic system. When it turns on, it means that your car’s engine computer senses that something is wrong. It could be anything from a simple faulty gas cap to a more serious misfiring engine. Further, if you check engine light is steady this means that the problem is not an emergency. However, if you see a check engine light blinking, this means that the problem needs immediate attention.

    Nevertheless, the only way to know the problem is to bring it to your trusted auto shop. Should the need arise, Northside Motors would be happy to offer you a check engine light service in Spring, Texas.

    Possible Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

    Your car engine light turning on could indicate a host of problems. Some of the possible problems that your car might be experiencing include:

    • Loose gas cap

    • Faulty oxygen sensor

    • Worn out spark plugs
    • Spark plug wires need replacing

    • Catalytic converter failure

    • Mass airflow sensor failure

    • Vacuum system leak

    • Battery is dead

    Tips on What to Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

    Situation 1

    Your check engine light may illuminate in certain situations like when you are driving on the freeway. If you encounter this situation and don’t feel any change in the performance of your car, you may still drive it home and then bring it to the mechanic as soon as you can.

    Situation 2

    If your check engine light comes on during driving and then stays but there are no noticeable performance problems, there may be a permanent fault in the emission control system and your car would probably run in limp-home mode.

    Situation 3

    If your check engine light stays and you notice that your car has performance problems or if it blinks in a steady pattern, this means that your car has a very serious problem. It could stall at any time or it could even start a fire in extreme cases. Pullover, stop driving, and have it brought to your mechanic immediately by having it towed.

    Why Choose Northside Motors?

    Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure, you need to have a service engine light. If your check engine light turns on, bring it to Northside Motors.

    Our team for a service engine light in Spring, Texas is more than ready to deliver fast and accurate diagnostic testing for all makes and models of vehicles. With or state-of-the-art tools and ASE-certified mechanics, we can easily check engine light codes and discover any fault that your car’s onboard computer is throwing, including why your check engine light is on.

    Our goal is to give the highest level of auto care and customer service to our clients. The quality of work we do impacts car value and condition, and it likewise affects people’s safety. We do nearly all types of auto repair and services and we will not stop until you are completely satisfied with our workmanship. While focusing on quality, we also work diligently to complete the service efficiently.

    Schedule your service at Northside Motors now! Keep your vehicle in good health and regain the confidence to drive it across states!

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