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    Air Condition Repair

    Hot sunny days in Spring, Texas require a smooth-running AC for your vehicle.

    Unfortunately, heating and AC systems may also break from wear and tear. Hose pipes may clog and drip if not checked regularly.

    Maintenance from the best auto AC repair in Spring, Texas will keep your car’s AC operating at a peak performance!

    What Are the Most Common Auto AC Issues?

    Listed below are some of the most common car air conditioning issues to watch out for, as addressing them in a timely manner can save you from more costly repairs down the line.

    • In most cases, it’s a refrigerant leak that’s causing your car AC to malfunction. A leakage is often seen at the unit hose connections.

    • It’s the condenser’s job to re-cool the refrigerant after it has been compressed. It needs a good airflow that should come through the front of your vehicle as you drive. If the condenser is blocked by debris, your car will continue to operate with an overheated refrigerant. This will quickly cause your AC to expel only hot air.

    • If the condenser is clear, it’s possible that it may be broken altogether. It could be due to equipment failure, or sometimes, a puncture from road debris that escaped the grill of your vehicle.

    • An electrical issue is perhaps one of the toughest problems to diagnose. The wires could be frayed or broken.
    • Fans that aren’t working properly will also cause your condenser to release hot air.
    • The compressor is one of the most important parts of your auto AC. Without it, the refrigerant will not circulate through the system and you’ll never get any cold air. A compressor may start malfunctioning if not used for a long period of time, especially after sitting dormant all winter long.
    • A worn or stretched drive belt can slip producing odd noises. If it’s completely damaged, the compressor will stop working.

    But just because your auto AC has stopped cooling does not mean that all is lost. In fact, some of these fixes can be done within just a few minutes and only involve a car AC repair cost that is relatively inexpensive.

    A recharge or repair is only needed when you notice that your air isn’t as cool as it used to be. Most of these problems only happen once yearly or after driving many miles.

    With that said, regular inspections in a car AC repair shop can help you spot potential issues and minimize their impact.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Northside Motors, we provide a complete analysis and estimate of the auto AC repair service needed and never perform any work without your permission. We value your time, thus we take care of the problem quickly and efficiently. If applicable to the service, you are also guaranteed of a warranty.

    Our mechanics are highly-trained and skilled. They have ASE certifications and can work on all makes and models of vehicles, built in the US or across countries.

    We are knowledgeable of the most common car AC issues mentioned above and can take immediate steps to get them fixed.

    You can definitely trust our team at Northside Motors with all of your auto AC repair needs!

    We offer a comprehensive evaluation of the heating and AC system. We do the following:

    • Examination of internal controls and blower
    • Checking of radiator coolant operating temperature, pressure radiator cap, hoses, and thermostat
    • Checkup of the compressor belt
    • Inspection of seals for leaks and other damages
    • Cooling system pressure test

    • Verification of the AC pressure to make sure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications
    • Checking of the interior vent air temperature

    At Northside Motors, we use the latest diagnostic technologies to get to the bottom of your car AC’s problems and offer reliable, cost-effective solutions.

    You’ll get a fair quote and never have to worry about extra or hidden charges. If you notice a strange smell or a leak, aside from hot air, we invite you to call our Spring, Texas auto air conditioning repair team today!

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