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Northside Motors in Spring, Texas offers auto repair service on all brands and models. From scheduled maintenance to complete overhauls, our ASE-certified mechanics can do it all!

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Auto Repair

From a quick oil change or wheel alignment to a complete exhaust system overhaul, our ASE-certified mechanics can offer you total car care and repair services.

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AC Repair

Get your AC checked and repair your coolant and weak airflow issues. Make sure your AC system and its components are always in good working condition.

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Brake Flush

Take all the old and dirty brake fluid out of your car. Have it replaced with a fresh, clean fluid that matches or exceeds your car manufacturer’s specifications.

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Break Service

Have confidence your brakes are working right. Include this service in your regular maintenance schedule to avoid noisy, vibrating, grinding, or squealing brakes.

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Coolant Flush

Inspecting your coolant levels and water flow regularly is important to remove excess heat inside your car’s motor. This will help prevent costly engine damage.

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Engine Light

The engine light typically comes as a reminder to bring your car in for service. If not troubleshoot quickly, this may result in a loss of fuel economy or power.

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Injector Cleaning

Dirty fuel injectors will not add the right amount of fuel to your engine, causing it to run poorly. Get a flow test and restore your gummed up or leaking injectors to work like new.

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Maintenance Service

Maintaining your car is an extremely important concept that all drivers need to know how to do. Getting regular maintenance service will help you avoid potentially costly damages.

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Oil Change

Oil acts an important lube for the engine of your car and it is its lifeblood. Do not fail to have it checked, including the oil filters, as recommended to avoid very serious consequences.

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Radiator Replacement

The radiator keeps your engine working at optimal temperatures. If your car is running hot, it could cause a breakdown and affect the overall functionality of your vehicle.

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Suspension Service

A bad suspension system can greatly affect your ability to control your vehicle, especially on the bumpiest roads. This system requires extra attention and periodical inspection.

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Tire Replacement

Tires are very important as they give you good traction while you are on the road. While they can last for a long time, once they start to lose pressure and be leaky, it’s time for a replacement.

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Tune Up

Every car needs tune-up to run as efficiently and safely as possible. Make your engine easier to start and improve fuel economy by getting a service that meets your manufacturer’s recommendation.

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Emission System

Serving your emission system is important as it produces gases like hydrocarbons and nitrogen, which are harmful. Keep an eye on the emission system to keep you safe and your vehicle running longer.

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Battery Charging

A flat battery can be avoided if you have a charger. Keep yours in a good state of health by charging it immediately when needed. Correctly charging it is also the easiest way to help extend its service life.

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